The Mole-Men Theory

Last week we explored the arguments for our moon being hollow, so I thought this weeks entry would be a great opportunity to write about the more well known hollow Earth theory, which is exactly what it sounds like. Many people around the world believe that not only the Earth is hollow, but filled with a subterranean species of humans, who call their home Agartha. Some hollow Earth believers go so far as to state that these people are in alliance with the Nazis in Antarctica.

Many people in surprising positions believe in a hollow Earth as well, Richard E. Byrds was an admiral for the U.S. Navy who made various extraordinary claims regarding his discoveries in Antarctica. Some of the most extraordinary are those involving the discovery of a warm climate filled with large mammoth like creatures, and a strange race of humans that forced his ship to land with unknown technology. Admiral Byrds claimed that these people came to him as emissaries, expressing concern over the use of nuclear weapons, and allegedly employed Admiral Byrds as an ambassador to relay the message. The presence of Nazis in Antarctica was another claim made by the Admiral. Many people validate this claim with the extensive documentation of Nazi exploration in this area. There was also what appeared to be some sort of map, given to the crew members of German u-boat U-209, which is believed to show the entrance to this mythical land, and a letter that was allegedly written by Karl Unger claims the u-boat actually made it to this destination.

Nazis and strangers on the internet aren’t the only people who believe the Earth is hollow, the discoverer of Halley’s Comet, Edmund Halley, devised a theory revolving around a hollow Earth as a way to explain the inaccuracies of his compass readings. Halley’s theory is fairly interesting, and involves a series of large orbs revolving around the core of the planet beneath us. Edmund Halley also proposed that the surface of these spheres may have a luminous atmosphere suitable for supporting life. This theory has been expanded on multiple times since it’s publishing, with many people favouring the idea of one large cavernous environment on the inside of the planet with a miniature sun suspended in the centre. A historical figure commonly quoted by hollow Earth believers is John Cleves Symmes Jr who published his theory to the world, receiving much ridicule. John Symmes’ theory was very similar to Edmund Halley’s, but included the idea that the polar regions each contained a giant hole that would serve as the entrance to this underground world.

As well as historical figures, hollow Earth believers take evidence from the many cultures around the world that held similar beliefs. Lots of these cultures viewed these underground worlds as a form of purgatory, but there are numerous stories from many cultures around the planet of people actually venturing to these worlds. The Hopi tribe in Arizona even credit their survival, on two separate occasions, to a group that the Hopi roughly referred to as “Ant Friends”. These ant friends brought the Hopi into their caves during cataclysmic events, and shared with them advanced agricultural knowledge. Many Hindus believe in a subterranean society as well, which is said to be the spiritual leaders of humanity, and home to the emissary Rama. In Buddhism, there are stories of a mystical underground city known as Shambhala, which is said to be populated with superior human beings with a highly advanced understanding of science.

Is there an underground civilization harbouring Hitler? Are these alleged people just waiting for the next huge cataclysm to make themselves known? The one thing that can be said for certain, is after the Kola Super Bore Hole made it 7 miles into the Earth, we realized we don’t quite know what’s beneath us.

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