The Mars Colony Theory


Off hand, I can only think of one conspiracy theory that’s funner to write about than this one. There is a surprisingly large amount of people who claim to have spent time on secret human colonies on Mars, mostly for occupational purposes, many claiming that said colonies on Mars are sustained by slave-labor. Many of the people who claim to have been on Mars claim they have gone there via teleportation in secret U.S. facilities, normally in the style of¬†Stargate. The programs that started these human-martian colonies are alleged to be the work of President Eisenhower, who seems to have been surrounded by alien conspiracy.

The desire for human colonization on Mars is driven simply by the preservation of human life, but there have been people coming forward claiming there’s been top secret missions to Mars, to evaluate mining potential. Others, however, claim that these missions are covert disinformation attempts, to cover the true nature of human activity on the red planet, as they don’t quite corroborate the claims of other alleged whistle-blowers, and some of them are plain scientifically inaccurate.

In March 2010, the Farsight Institute claimed to have successfully located, and explored, a large Martian industrial area, via remote viewing. The actual satellite imaging of the accused area, has been supported by three ex-members of the military, who claim to have been stationed in top secret U.S.-Martian bases. These ex-military whistle-blowers claim to have been stationed on Mars as security for a group of companies, called the ‘Mars Colony Corporation’, who had encroached on indigenous martian territory, straining existing relations. Besides defending against the indigenous martians, U.S. military is also claimed to be stationed in Mars to support supposed allied alien life-forms, like reptilians and mantids.

On Mars, there is alleged to be a Human-Martian gene pool, that has been carefully selected, and is ready to repopulate the planet after the current ‘break-away’ civilization on earth is eradicated. The purposed methods of eradication include, conventional war, bio-warfare, tectonic engineering, environmental engineering, and poisoning of the people. The absurdity of these claims are¬†supported, slightly, by claims from ex-military, that youth averaging age 17, were trained for future Mars missions, as a part of the Exploration Project to The Moon and Mars, which is almost impossible to find any references to. The trainees were allegedly told that their mission had three purposes, establishing an Earth defense force on Mars, to familiarize the indigenous Martians with Humans, and finally, to lay a foundation for law, allowing for future annexation of Martian territory, which is pretty much what I imagine would happen if there were Martians.

Recently, a guest on Alex Jones’s talk show by the name of Robert Steele, gave mainstream attention to the claims of U.S. slave camps on Mars, which had previously seen very little attention. In these claims, that have been somewhat corroborated by Corey Goode, who claims to have visited martian colonies on many occasions for work, where he saw what was described as slave labor. These claims have been fanned by the passing of a bill into U.S. senate, outlaying a basis for business in space, and apparently exempting companies from liability until 2020.

So, is there this whole world, just out side of view, that we aren’t privileged enough to know about? Or are these all just crack-pot theories thought up by a soap-box preacher in a tinfoil hat? Regardless, I know one thing’s for sure, I want to believe.


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