The Hurricane Conspiracy

This week, we’re going to be talking about the weather! It’s been pretty interesting lately, and I’m sure you’ve all noticed that it seems like half of the planet is either under water, or on fire. Wrath of god perhaps? Or a different kind of conspiracy?

With hurricane Harvey recently dying down, and Irma and Jose closing in, I think of two things: All of the irregular weather in the poles this year, and geoengineering. Now I know that second thing gets a lot of eye rolls, but countries around the world are surprisingly open about their practices with this, which are mostly out of necessity. The simple fact is, our environment isn’t the same, things change, and some places that once naturally sustained large farms, now have their rain made for them, a much more efficient alternative to pumping water. Contrarily, other places that once had mild temperate climates are regularly dropping below freezing during the winters.

But what’s the connection between natural disasters and a weather dominator from G.I. Joe? Likely nothing, but maybe martial law. While the rich get richer, even during times like this, they seek to control the lower classes of society, which can be done slowly, through licensing and registrations, or it can be done over night with a state of emergency. The Caribbean is already in a state of martial law, and parts of the U.S. will likely follow once the storms get into full swing. And not being a country to shy away from sending their own citizens to POW camps, many fear that when martial law is instilled, people will be rounded up, and either enslaved or executed. To add curiosity to the situation, there has been tin-hatted claims of FEMA camps preparing mass grave sites, giving new life to the accusations that these FEMA camps will one day be used to imprison law-abiding American citizens.

But what’s really the conspiracy here? Enslave the lower classes? Meteorological warfare? Or the failed covering up of climate-change? Looks like this week, you decide!


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