The Flouridation Conspiracy

In this entry, we’ll be talking about fouride, and I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet, as I’ve got three other projects besides my job that desperately need my attention.

Everyone’s heard of flouride by now, where can’t you find it? Most people think of flouride as coming from their tap water, or tooth paste, but it can also come from the vast majority of produce, regardless of whether or not it’s organic. Flouride comes from flourine compounds which have been used in agriculture since the 50’s, right after they decided not to use arsenic anymore, and it quickly replaced its predecessor as a pesticide, insecticide, and herbicide. But not to worry, if you get your answer from a reputable source, they’ll tell you that the addition of this known toxic substance is a cost effective step towards ensuring a healthy society, or something similar.

Shortly after the widespread success of flourine, a dentist by the name of Arnold Francis JR conducted what he called the Grand Rapid Flouridation Study, which after a few years of what participants had described as minimal results, Arnolds study was used to push flouridation of public water supplies, with much support, 15 years into the study, a condition was noted, and coined dental flourosis, which is the lack of enamel caused by excessive flouride consumption in children. Later on it was discovered that flouride also stores in your bones, and in excess, causes a crippling condition called skeletal flourosis.

More health problems, include reduced thyroid function, as flouride is a halogen, similar to iodine, with the difference of flouride being absorbed in preference to iodine, and having no practical benefits. It has also been shown to increase likely-hood of cardiovascular disease, and damage the kidneys, especially in children. Flouride is also known to lower reproductive hormones, and fertility rates, at the same time as accelerating the onset of puberty by it’s interaction with the pineal gland. Flourides interaction with the pineal gland is also claimed to effect sleep cycles, and in areas with high levels of flouride exposure, the people are five times more likely to have a below average IQ.

So with all of problems associated with flouride exposure, it’s still pushed as a positive thing, and many are convinced this serves the dual purpose of depopulation, and retardation, of the lower classes of society. on Halloween night in 1948, the town of Donora had a temperature drop, and flouride pollution from the local smelting plant descended onto the town in a black fog, lasting a reportedly four days, killing 20 people, and injuring another one third of the towns 17 thousand citizens, and for decades to come, Donora had a significantly higher mortality rate than the neighboring areas.

So why is it still found in almost all of the food and drinks in the western world, in defiance of all of the problems it appears to cause? Well, most people will tell you it’s for cavities, if you believe that.




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