The Femminization Conspiracy

The Femminization Conspiracy theory suggests that males are being made effeminate deliberately, with the main goals claimed generally being one, or a combination of, slowing population growth, making the population easier to control, or making the country easier to invade. ┬áThis theory has many reputable sources backing it, but is also largely based on statistics, and although co-relation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, it’s bound to some times.

Probably the most surreal of these sources, is The Gay Bomb, as absurd as that sounds. The Gay Bomb was a theoretical weapon that would have used pheromones to turn all of the males effected gay, in hopes that their sudden infatuating desire for each other, would get in the way of their participation in a war, however pheromones haven’t been observed effecting human behavior in peer groups. Although the project never took off, Wright Laboratory, now the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, devised a three page proposal in 1994, eventually submitting it for review to the National Academy of Science in 2002, and earning a Ig Nobel Prize.

There are also claims that tap water is turning people gay, these claims have been making their rounds quiet recently, and in different parts of the world, from the U.S., to Peru, to the U.K. Chemicals from plastics in water supplies are commonly blamed for the rise in homosexuality, but the claims the herbicide Atrazine is to blame, is actually based on scientific study. Atrazine, the most commonly used pesticide, with over 80 million tons used annually in the U.S. alone, has been shown to lower the testosterone of frogs to the level of chemical castration in 75% of test population, and actually turning 1-in-10 frogs anatomically female, with the ability to mate with other males, however, because these anatomical females are genetically males, they can only produce male offspring. Further studies showed that tadpoles raised in water contaminated with 0.1 ppm grew into hermaphrodites, while the EPA allowed limit of Atrazine in drinking supplies is thirty times higher, at 3 ppm. Adverse physiological effects are not limited just to amphibians however, similar hormonal imbalances have been measured in every observed vertebrate that has been exposed to Atrazine.

Birth control pills are also a suggested culprit, as they used to contain Diethylstilbestrol, which was banned in 1971. Along with increased complications with reproductive organs, and being a known carcinogen, Diethylstilbestrol is also blamed for causing sexual dysphoria in males exposed to the substance in utero, with a doctor by the name of Dr.Scott Kerlin, who for 20 years, has documented a strong co-relation between men who identify as trans, and confirmed exposure.

The media is also blamed for the rise in homosexuality, mostly through normalization, and exposing young children to the ‘gay agenda’. Many people have been claiming that they are gay, but were turned that way, by the media. Probably more surprising than it should be, there has actually been a three step plan purposed, in order to change public opinion on homosexuality, and as simplified as possible, the three steps are desensitization towards homosexuality, challenging of beliefs against it, and altering of opinion. This plan has allegedly been in motion since 1989, and, it appears to be working.

There’s surprisingly a lot of fuel for this fire, pesticides that alter reproductive organs, birth control that allegedly makes you trans, and a gay plot to take over your television. Is this all a perfect testament to the extremely dysfunctional world that we live in? Or is it all an enormous plot to compromise our society?


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