The Denver Airport Theory

Normally, airports don’t interest me much, but there is always an exception to everything. In this case, the exception is the Denver International Airport, with the unsettling art, mysterious free mason time capsule, hidden passages, and various unused buildings. Is the Denver International Airport just another innocent hub of transportation? Or is there something more sinister going on hidden in plain sight? Many conspiracy theorists and free thinkers have grown suspicious of this airport, but why?

There are various works of art throughout the airport that many believe are blatant representations of Illuminati plans for the New World Order, but first, let’s talk about the horse. Most visitors to the Denver Airport are greeted by The Blue Mustang, or Blucifer as he’s been dubbed, which is a 32 foot pale-blue horse, with illuminated orange eyes. But the appearance of this horse isn’t all that’s unsettling, in 2006, the head of Blucifer fell onto the creator during construction, and severed an artery in his leg, killing him. Inside the airport, more unsettling artwork is found, including a collection of murals that appear to depict an apocalyptic end of the world, followed by a utopic society. One of such Murals depicts a nazi general, wielding an AK-47 and a scimitar stabbing a dove. The general is standing next to destroyed buildings, on his opposite side is a line of weeping mothers carrying their babies underneath a rainbow that fades to black, next to them are children laying in a trench. The next mural depicts children in a coffin, with others mourning over them, and the museum like display of animals, with a forest fire in the back. Another mural depicts the nazi general defeated on the ground, with his rifle broken, and all the children hand down their weapons wrapped in the flags of their countries, and place them on an anvil to be destroyed. And finally, the last mural depicts all of the children and some animals gathering around a strange flower in what appears to be celebration.

In the baggage claim of the airport, there can be found various gargoyles in suitcases, all watching over the area. Traditionally, gargoyles were placed on churches to ward off evil spirits, but many people attribute this as a signature of the Freemasons, due to the other Freemason imagery, and their history of building churches in Europe. There is a Freemason time capsule as well, that has been left to the people of Colorado in 1994. This capsule is clearly labelled with the masonic compass, and is signed ‘The New World Airport Commission’, which doesn’t officially exist.┬áTo make this curiouser, there are various rooms and bunkers under the airport, and many hidden passageways throughout, not to mention all of the unused buildings.

What do you think? Just a bunch of cute coincidences, or signs of a secret plot to change the entire world as we know it?



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