The Autism Conspiracy

I’m sure everyone has heard the cries about the increase in autism, and everyone want’s to know what the cause is. But the thing with autism, is it’s a spectrum disorder, this is a convenient classification that allows doctors who can’t diagnose a child to claim it’s autism, and proceeding to medicate symptoms, as he was likely trained to do. However the the U.S. statistic has risen in nearly fifty years from 1-in-2,000, to 1-in-150, and some researchers claim this includes an increase in the stereotypical form of autism, others refuting that more research is needed.

And the problem with getting to the root of autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, as it’s properly referred to, is just that, it’s a spectrum, and has many roots to diagnose, with only 10% of cases having a detectable defect or deformity. But does the other 90% really have autism, or, are they being incorrectly diagnosed by lazy uncaring doctors?

Most researchers agree that the increase in autism is contributed by the increase of toxins in our everyday environment, in everything from the pesticides sprayed onto the municipal fields, to the harmful toxins found in our food, regardless of whether or not it’s organic. Sadly, these things take extreme measures to avoid, more that most people are able to afford. Luckily, it’s accepted as fact that autism will only occur during important developmental stages, like pregnancy, and infant stage development.

Many argue, however, that the increase in autism is related to the increase in vaccines. It is true that vaccines contain dangerous compounds known to cause autism, but it’s asserted that they are in minute volumes, however these measurements tend to be in relation to adults and children, not infants. But that is a topic for another article.

I ask however, is it very unlikely, that these two companies that naturally evolved to the stage of a symbiotic relationship, became self aware of this, and began consciously helping the other, knowing they would return it? And after a period of time, wouldn’t it be both profitable, and a metaphorical evolutionary leap, that one deprecates the other, becoming completely efficient in itself with no need for another organization? Well Bayer and Bayer, pharmaceutical giant, has agreed to buyout Monsanto, agricultural giant, for 57 billion dollars. Why is this so important? Because now, in the very near future, the same people who are behind pretending to fix everyones problems are going to be the same people causing them. And that is the actual definition of a racket. All this means however, is we may have strong evidence against both the agricultural, and pharmaceutical industry in the near future, supporting their silent exploitation of the people.

Is there really a raise in Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is it really linked to agriculture and vaccines? Or are the doctors just slapping people with a diagnosis to get them out of their face?



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