Medical Industry Conspiracy

In this entry, we will be talking about the standardization of the medical industry, and whether or not it was done with everyone’s best interest in mind. So how does the group who’s purpose is to keep people healthy, turn into the number 3 killer in the country?

In 1847, the American Medical Association was founded, with the purpose of regulating the industry in the country, as before hand, any one with a barber shop could be a doctor. This resulted in loads of doctors that had zero training, and coupled with the archaic medical practices at the time, resulting in the deaths of many people.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and american health care is a trillion dollars industry, and bursting at the seems with scandals. One of the most prominent scandals is the chemotherapy industry, which will literally pay a doctor to prescribe their products to someone. Even though there is well documented studies that show multiple effective cures for cancer, doctors in most countries aren’t even allowed to prescribe you anything but chemotherapy.

The American Medical Association has been in hot water in the past, after convictions for conspiracy to destroy the chiropractic profession, an ancient medical practice that’s proven to cure most things, from headaches, to bowel irregularities, to ear infections, and instead, would have replaced the actual remedy for these problems, with drugs to mask the symptoms.

As well as ignoring modern cancer research, and demonizing a legitimate field of medicine, the American Medical Association is also regularly accused of with holding the cures for major diseases, like cancer, as mentioned earlier, but HIV/AIDS is another suspected disease that people claim has a secret cure. In 2016, scientists at Washington University observed melittin, a substance found in bees venom, physically attacking, and destroying HIV cells, but today, it’s common belief that this observation is nothing more than a myth.

On top of all of that, the American Medical Association promotes ineffective, and sometimes dangerous medical procedures, that not only don’t work and are expensive, but can result in future doctor visits.

So, once again under the guise of standardization, a select group of people get to decide what is and isn’t acceptable in medicine. But with all these modern standards and regulations, doctors are free to kill 1 in 8 patients, with their illegible hand writing, when they likely filled the note out within close proximity to a computer.

So, are they truly looking out for you? Or are they actually looking out for themselves?



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