I’m sure everyone has heard the cries about the increase in autism, and everyone want’s to know what the cause is. But the thing with autism, is it’s a spectrum disorder, this is a convenient classification that allows doctors who can’t diagnose a child to claim it’s autism, and proceeding to medicate symptoms, as he was likely trained to do. However the the U.S. statistic has risen in nearly fifty years from 1-in-2,000, to 1-in-150, and some researchers claim this includes an increase in the stereotypical form of autism, others refuting that more research is needed. And the problem with getting to the root ofRead More →

  Off hand, I can only think of one conspiracy theory that’s funner to write about than this one. There is a surprisingly large amount of people who claim to have spent time on secret human colonies on Mars, mostly for occupational purposes, many claiming that said colonies on Mars are sustained by slave-labor. Many of the people who claim to have been on Mars claim they have gone there via teleportation in secret U.S. facilities, normally in the style of┬áStargate. The programs that started these human-martian colonies are alleged to be the work of President Eisenhower, who seems to have been surrounded by alienRead More →