Normally, airports don’t interest me much, but there is always an exception to everything. In this case, the exception is the Denver International Airport, with the unsettling art, mysterious free mason time capsule, hidden passages, and various unused buildings. Is the Denver International Airport just another innocent hub of transportation? Or is there something more sinister going on hidden in plain sight? Many conspiracy theorists and free thinkers have grown suspicious of this airport, but why? There are various works of art throughout the airport that many believe are blatant representations of Illuminati plans for the New World Order, but first, let’s talk about theRead More →

Last week we explored the arguments for our moon being hollow, so I thought this weeks entry would be a great opportunity to write about the more well known hollow Earth theory, which is exactly what it sounds like. Many people around the world believe that not only the Earth is hollow, but filled with a subterranean species of humans, who call their home Agartha. Some hollow Earth believers go so far as to state that these people are in alliance with the Nazis in Antarctica. Many people in surprising positions believe in a hollow Earth as well, Richard E. Byrds was an admiral forRead More →