I’m sure everyone has heard the cries about the increase in autism, and everyone want’s to know what the cause is. But the thing with autism, is it’s a spectrum disorder, this is a convenient classification that allows doctors who can’t diagnose a child to claim it’s autism, and proceeding to medicate symptoms, as he was likely trained to do. However the the U.S. statistic has risen in nearly fifty years from 1-in-2,000, to 1-in-150, and some researchers claim this includes an increase in the stereotypical form of autism, others refuting that more research is needed. And the problem with getting to the root ofRead More →

In this entry, we will be talking about the standardization of the medical industry, and whether or not it was done with everyone’s best interest in mind. So how does the group who’s purpose is to keep people healthy, turn into the number 3 killer in the country? In 1847, the American Medical Association was founded, with the purpose of regulating the industry in the country, as before hand, any one with a barber shop could be a doctor. This resulted in loads of doctors that had zero training, and coupled with the archaic medical practices at the time, resulting in the deaths of manyRead More →

The Venezuelan crisis has been featured on the news recently, but it goes back to the spike in oil prices of 2000, shortly after Hugo Chavez took office as president. With one of the largest oil reserves on the planet at his disposal, he used the funds to build public services and infrastructure, although, this was allegedly to his own benefit. Hugo Chavez’s plan had one enormous flaw, 90% of the budget came from oil revenue, completely shifting the economic balance. The country was flourishing, mostly by the help of the U.S., which accepted the majority of Venezuelas exports, even after imposing sanctions in 2005Read More →

  Off hand, I can only think of one conspiracy theory that’s funner to write about than this one. There is a surprisingly large amount of people who claim to have spent time on secret human colonies on Mars, mostly for occupational purposes, many claiming that said colonies on Mars are sustained by slave-labor. Many of the people who claim to have been on Mars claim they have gone there via teleportation in secret U.S. facilities, normally in the style of┬áStargate. The programs that started these human-martian colonies are alleged to be the work of President Eisenhower, who seems to have been surrounded by alienRead More →

The Femminization Conspiracy theory suggests that males are being made effeminate deliberately, with the main goals claimed generally being one, or a combination of, slowing population growth, making the population easier to control, or making the country easier to invade. ┬áThis theory has many reputable sources backing it, but is also largely based on statistics, and although co-relation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, it’s bound to some times. Probably the most surreal of these sources, is The Gay Bomb, as absurd as that sounds. The Gay Bomb was a theoretical weapon that would have used pheromones to turn all of the males effected gay, in hopesRead More →

In this entry, we’ll be talking about fouride, and I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet, as I’ve got three other projects besides my job that desperately need my attention. Everyone’s heard of flouride by now, where can’t you find it? Most people think of flouride as coming from their tap water, or tooth paste, but it can also come from the vast majority of produce, regardless of whether or not it’s organic. Flouride comes from flourine compounds which have been used in agriculture since the 50’s, right after they decided not to use arsenic anymore, and it quickly replaced its predecessorRead More →